The topics of this conference aim to search for alternative sources of water and provide sustainable development in many arid places by using renewable energy sources to mitigate climate change.

  • Advanced desalination techniques.
  • Desalination using renewable energy.
  • Energy & sustainability.
  • Energy efficiency in water production & treatment
  • Desalination for sustainable development.
  • Small-scale desalination systems.
  • Brine disposal management.
  • Water treatment by advanced methods.
  • Economics for desalination & water treatment.
  • Financing desalination projects.
  • O&M and troubleshooting?
  • Environmental impacts considerations.
  • Novel membranes & fabrication methods.
  • Membranes for water & wastewater treatment.
  • Membrane fouling & control.
  • Membrane processes & energy.
  • Green Hydrogen for desalination.

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